Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA) 5-Day Hybrid Course

$325, 5-day course, Days 1-4 via Zoom from 8:30am-3:00pm; Day 5 in-person from 8:30 – 4:00pm.

$395 for 5-day course and another additional day scheduled separately for an approximately 1.5 hour supervised medication pass

This course teaches the skills needed for safe medication administration and covers State of Maine regulations, common medications and side effects, and basic anatomy and physiology. Participants may choose to add supervised Medication Administration provided by an RN and needed to obtain the certification.

Locations: The 5-Day CRMA Hybrid course includes four instructor-led, remote days and one in-person day conducted at one of our regional training centers located in Biddeford, Gardiner, Norway, and Skowhegan. When you register for a class, please select the location where you can attend the live Day 5 class. Prior to the start of class, you will receive an email with information about accessing the class, including a link to the remote class and where you are scheduled to attend the class.

Important Information about Hybrid Learning

To ensure the integrity of the quizzes, these rules are effective for classes beginning August 2023.

  1. Students cannot take the class from home.
  2. Students may access the class in a group or individually from an agency location.
  3. Phones are not permitted to be viewed or accessible by the student during quizzes. Instructors will not permit students to take a quiz if a phone is nearby.
  4. During a quiz, students must be unmuted while remote.
  5. Quizzes on days 2-4 are remote and accessed through a password protected web page. Each student must have an individual tablet, PC, or laptop to access these quizzes (no phones).
  6. Students will have up to 45 minutes to complete the quizzes.
  7. On days 2-4, a proctor must be in the room for the start of the class to observe students taking the quiz, which generally lasts 30-45 minutes. The proctor must confirm they are in attendance for the quiz with the instructor leading the course and must stay in the room for the entire quiz. The responsibility of the proctor is to ensure that quiz taking is fair for all students, and includes:
    • a. Monitor the student(s) to ensure there are no devices being used for the quiz, other than the laptop/tablet for taking the quiz.
    • b. Ensure the student(s) is not using other aids for the class (i.e., notes, additional windows open on the device, etc.)
    • c. Ensure the student(s) is not talking during the quiz.
    • d. Not assisting the student(s) during the quiz by reading or interpreting questions or answers.
  8. Students not employed by an agency or employees of an agency that cannot meet these requirements may attend the class at a New Communities training location where web cams have been installed to monitor students during quizzes. When you register for a class, please select the location where you can attend the class.
  9. If a student needs a special accommodation, please let us know in advance so we may run the request by the Division of Licensing prior to the class.

Materials needed for class. You cannot participate in the class without these items:

  • A CRMA class packet that includes a CRMA book and handouts (numbered 1-4) for each day of the class will be sent to you prior to the first day of class. Contact Sharon Wyman at swyman@newcomms.org if you have not received it five days prior to the class.
  • 1 plastic med cup
  • Paper, pen/pencil, and highlighter for activities and notes.

Accessing Quizzes

Questions? Contact us at training@newcomms.org.