Certified Residential Medication Aide (CRMA) 5-Day

$310, 5-day course, Days 1-4 via Zoom from 8:30am-3:00pm; Day 5 in-person from 8:30 – 4:00pm.

$395 for 5-day course and another additional day scheduled separately for an approximately 1.5 hour supervised medication pass

This course teaches the skills needed for safe medication administration and covers State of Maine regulations, common medications and side effects, and basic anatomy and physiology. Participants may choose to add supervised Medication Administration provided by an RN and needed to obtain the certification.

This class includes four remote, RN instructor-led days and a live fifth day, attended in-person with an RN. Prior to the start of class, you will receive an email with information about accessing the class, including a link to the remote class and where to attend the live Day 5. Days 2-4 include online quizzes that the student will individually access during the class. During the quiz, the student must remain visible to the instructor, while also taking the quiz. Please see “Quizzes” below for more information.


Materials needed for class. Students must remain visible to the instructor for the entire class, including quizzes. You cannot participate in the class without these items:

  • A CRMA class packet that includes a CRMA book and handouts (numbered 1-4) for each day of the class will be sent to you prior to the first day of class.  Contact Sharon Wyman at swyman@newcomms.org if you have not received it five days prior to the class.
  • 16 blank MARs for each student (four for each day). Please print this MAR and bring to class.
  • Complete this homework assignment in your facility with your supervisor or their designee and bring the completed homework to the live Day Five with the RN.
  • 1 plastic med cup
  • Paper, pen/pencil, and highlighter for activities and notes.
  • A face mask on the live fifth day.


  • Students will take quizzes online during class on Days 2-4 and must have an individual laptop/tablet/iPad/smart phone to access the quizzes. One shared device among multiple students will not be sufficient to both access the class and take the quiz!
    If you use an iPad to login to the class, please review this guide to learn how to access a split view so you can use Zoom, take the quiz from a link on our website, and remain visible to the instructor.
    If you are using an android tablet, please find the guide here.
    Please contact the NCI help desk at help@newcomms.org in advance of the class if you have questions.
  • During class, you will access the quizzes via the passcode protected links below. You will be given the passcode during class.